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Self-learning programs of a series "PLUS" capable to play various kinds of checkers - Russian, international, Brazilian, Checkers and Pool Checkers .

All these programs are written on Delphi for platform Windows 95/98/NT/2k/Me/XP.

The purpose which I put at a spelling of programs "PLUS", is сcreation of the effective and convenient assistant for the person playing checkers.

For the fan is simply the contender for pleasant pastime.

For the professional - the necessary assistant for the analysis of parties and positions, and, if necessary, rather serious opponent.

You can familiarize with opportunities of these programs on pages of each of them

Plus500 - international checkers;
Plus600 - Russian draughts;
Plus700 - Checkers;
Plus800 - Brazilian checkers.
Plus900 - Pool checkers.

I invite also on downloads page, where you can скачать (and also to get) the latest versions of programs "PLUS".

Programs of a series "PLUS" are constantly improved; I hope with your help to make them even better and more conveniently in using

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